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You need the best water filtration system in Florida because the last thing you want to worry about when you purchase your new property is turning on your faucet to find brown water coming out of the tap. However, it happens more times than you think. In this particular instance, a customer had purchased the home and was told by the previous owner that the water filtration system was only two years old. Nothing was mentioned about the quality of the water during the time of purchase.
Once the new homeowner moved in, that’s when they discovered the severity of the problem. Their water was very discolored, hard, smelly, and disgusting. To top it all off, they had very low water flow rate. The customer contacted us for a water assessment, and after a complete analysis, we figured out what the problem was and how to take care of it. The water filtration system they had was not sized properly, it didn’t have the right filtering medias, and the installer had used piping that was too small resulting in reduced flow rate.
After consulting with the client, we began on providing a water filtration system solution expeditiously. An entire overhaul was needed, and at Pure Touch Water Filters Inc we stop at nothing short of perfection. From brown water to clear water, we use the highest grade medias and best flow rate valves.
This particular case required the expertise of a “proper” water treatment professional. Unfortunately, the water treatment industry is plagued with inexperienced door to door salesmen working out of their garages, allowing for scenarios like this to take place. Upon completion and witnessing the treated water, our client ran full speed to the installation team and proceeded to bear hug them all, thanking them profusely. It’s for this reason that we go above and beyond for our clientele and finish every job with a simple “welcome to the Pure Touch Water family” because for us…. Only The Best Will Do.

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