Benefits of a Pure Touch System

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Water CAN Taste Better!

Anyone who has tasted florida’s water, from long time residents to first time visitors, can all taste the abundant amounts of chlorine, ammonia, minerals and other unique impurities that are found in our municipal waters. Some have become accustomed and acclimated to these bad tastes and odors, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Get healthier water now. Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. has been bringing families CUSTOM filtration solutions for almost the last two decades. Florida’s water hosts a unique set of impurities and minerals, along with different treatment methods from one municipality to another. A “one size fits all” method to water treatment that many of these national lines propose just don’t cut it. Many chemicals such as ammonia and nitrates are not addressed by these national lines.

At Pure Touch Water Filters Inc., We believe in custom filtration equipment specifically built for the unique set of issues that effect Floridians.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Florida’s water carries the minerals and rocks that are in our lakes, aquifers and pipes. This is referred to as “hard water” because of all these contaminants and the effects they have on our bodies. We can provide healthier water.

Hard Water accumulates on our hair and can make it feel rough and tangled. Many contaminants such as chlorine and hard minerals damage your hair and skin.  Soap reacts with the minerals in Hard Water to form salts.  This makes it harder for us to get all of the shampoo out of our hair.  All of this dries out our hair and scalps.

Hard Water conflicts with soap, causing a residue to accumulate on our skin.  The calcium or magnesium in Hard Water dries out our skin.  For some people, this water contributes to skin irritations, eczema, acne or even allergic reactions.

If you know someone who is suffering from one of these issues, the culprit could be their water!

The solution to Florida’s hard water is to cleanse it of minerals and chemicals. Systems from Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. will make sure that the water that you and your family uses is clear of these harsh contaminants. This leaves your skin silky soft and your hair vibrant and shiny!  The first step is an in-home consultation to review your concerns and test your water – all for free!

Plumbing and Appliances

Florida is notoriously known for its hard water. These minerals are normally the culprit for the destruction of plumbing and appliances. Hard water minerals such as calcium carbonate (limestone) accumulate in hot water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and even your plumbing! This creates problems ranging from inefficient appliances and low water volume (mostly mistaken for low water pressure) all the way to THOUSANDS in repairs and replacements.

Don’t let this happen to the home that you’ve worked so hard for! A Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. system will remove these harsh minerals and give your appliances and plumbing the life expectancies it deserves!

Home Filtration vs. Bottled Water

Many things about plastic bottles are scary.  First, plastic is usually made from fossil fuels.  They take a lot of energy to create and then remain in the environment for a very, very, very long time.  We see them as trash on the streets and in landfills.  Our oceans are filling up with them.

There are many different reports about how plastic gets into our soil, water and our bodies.  We read about the chemicals in these bottles that can have long term health risks.  While some reports say that certain types of plastic are worse than others, many other reports say that there are no good kinds of plastic.  This is a lot of worry for a product that is often just bottled tap water!

There are different studies on how expensive bottled water can be, but they say it is up to 10,000 times as expensive as tap water!  It makes sense that it is a much more expensive way to get the water we need.  Manufacturers have to create bottles and labels, fill the bottles and then ship water around the country and the world.

Even if you don’t believe all of the bad claims about plastic water bottles, the number and variety of them is staggering. There is overwhelming and consistently growing evidence that plastic water bottles are just the wrong way to go.

With a whole house water system from Pure Touch Water Filters Inc., you can enjoy clean and healthier water from your own home.  Don’t spend outrageous amounts of money on water from an imaginary mountain spring.  Get real, purified water that will keep you healthy without breaking your budget.


The day you have been waiting for is here! With a Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. water treatment system, you can say goodbye to hard water spots and many other obstacles on your household chores list.

By removing virtually all contaminants effectively with a Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. customs water filtration system, you will see the following benefits when it comes to cleaning:

  • no more hard water spots
  • sparkling clean dishes
  • sparkling clean glass shower doors
  • no more hard water rings around toilets and bathtubs

Soaps Savings

The effects of hard water can be found throughout the entire home. The evidence is everywhere. Cleaning products geared to clean up after hard water can be expensive. Not only are these products expensive, but they are usually harsh on your skin! These harsh products have chemicals in them in order to bust through the hard water that may not be safe for kids and pets.

By treating the water “mechanically” with a water filtration system from Pure Touch Water Filters Inc., you can eliminate the use of harsh cleaning products that contain sulfates and can be irritable and harmful to the skin.

By removing contaminants from the water, you also allow the power of the soap or detergent to be maximized. Without having to coat contaminants in the water, soap and ecology products lather at greater speed and volume than before. You will see an average reduction in your soap and cleaning products from 50-75%.

Longer Lasting Clothes

Hard water in Florida is one of the biggest culprits of a dwindling wardrobe. With these harsh contaminants, clothes tend to fade faster and whites turn to an ugly yellow tint. This is due to hard water minerals ripping clothes apart during the wash cycle, eventually collecting as lint in the dryer. A Mixture of chlorine in the water with bleach used for whites causes a yellow tint on most whites over time. Clothes become faded, dingy, and rough to the touch.

With a custom water filtration system from Pure Touch Water Filters Inc., you will notice your whites are whiter, your colors are brighter, and your towels and sheets are oh so soft to the touch. Don’t wait for Florida’s hard water to ruin your wardrobe…

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