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Pure water Softener is a must, and Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. has been serving the Kissimmee, St. Cloud & Orlando, FL area communities for nearly the last two decades. After years of observing the water treatment industry in Florida, we came to a realization that not only does Florida have unique water issues not seen in other parts of the country, but that no one was taking the time to address these issues. With a collective experience of 50+ years in the industry, we set out on a mission to bring families and businesses true water softener, conditioner & refiner options on properly filtering for their unique water needs.

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Water CAN Taste Better!


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Residential City Water Treatment

Residential City Water Treatment

Residential Well Water

Residential Well

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water

Air Purification

Air Purification Systems

Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial Water Treatment

Pure Touch Water Filters

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