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Residential Well Water

It’s important to call Pure Touch Water Filters to get the best Well Water with our well water filters. In Florida, no two wells are the same. Well water can range from a multitude of contaminants to very little contaminants at all. A quick survey of your neighbors can reveal to you what the main issues you will face with the well water in your home.

Whether you face tough issues like abundant sulfur and bacterial iron, or simple issues such as just hard water, our experts will do a free in-home Well Water Treatment analysis and discuss all of your possible options.

UV Well Water Filters

Manufactured exclusively for Central Florida’s Water

In order to be confident your water is free of pathogenic microbes, you must destroy them through disinfection. Municipal water systems do an effective job of guarding against waterborne microbes by chemically disinfecting the water with chlorine. Children, the elderly, and anyone with a lowered immune system are the most susceptible to waterborne bacteria. The addition of an Ultra Violet Light to your household well water treatment system further assures your family that their drinking water is pathogenic  microbe free. In Europe, UV disinfection has been utilized in water sanitation for 90 years. While no method is 100% effective, UV sanitization works as household water passes through the stainless steel disinfection chamber. Ultra Violet Light sterilizes anything that has nucleic acids including pathogens, Salmonella, Hepatitis, and E. coli.* UV disinfecting is equally effective against protozoan organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

The Watershield SulfurBlock System

Manufactured exclusively for Central Florida’s Water

Get the clean, refreshing water you deserve with the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system. Innovative in design, the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock System provides a simple, effective solution requiring no chemicals or salt for regeneration. The blend of media is used effectively to remove sulfur, hydrogen sulfide gas, iron, heavy metals, and other taste affecting contaminants. The media bed also reduces turbidity in your water and has properties which inhibit bacterial growth.

The Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system is a single tank solution, taking up much less space than the unsightly contact tank and aerator tank solutions. Also, being a closed system, it does not have the unsanitary and algae growth problems that come with open air aerators.

  • Removes sulfur and iron and that “rotten egg” odor in a single solution.
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No costly chemical pumps
  • No unsightly contact tanks and unsanitary aerators

Get Your Free Water Analysis

Don’t spend another day suffering with Florida tap water.  Your free well water treatment analysis will allow you to see which system will give you and your family the clean, pure water you all deserve.

Google Reviews

Robert ConnerRobert Conner
14:47 17 Jan 22
Pure Touch Water Filters, Inc. just recently installed a water softening system in my new home here in Osceola County. I was extremely satisfied with the entire process from the sales to the installation. I was well informed of the entire systems that they offer and chose what I wanted. Installation date was set the next day and the installer was very efficient and next thing I know is I now have the comfort of knowing my appliances and everything will be ‘hard water’ free. The best part was how well informed about the system by both sales and install. Thanks Nima, and also Thanks to Mike. For your advice and help!!
Ira RosenbergIra Rosenberg
11:23 03 Nov 21
I was at my house for over a year before I found this great company. I had so many people come out, charge me a fortune, and tell me I needed a whole new system (well water). The system is old and does need to be updated, I just needed to get through this year to save money for a new one. Luis came out, inspected the system, fixed what was broken, and gave me verbal and written directions to keep it working properly. This was months ago (Spring) and I feel bad for not writing sooner. I have not had one problem since he left. As a matter of fact my system may now last several years longer. In any case, Luis and his company will get my business when I replace the entire house filtration system.Luis, many thanks sir. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for me.
I have used Pure Touch for over 10 years now and the equipment is top rated with a excellent customer service.I had some service performed today by the techs Mike and Jonathan and they completed the service with professionalism and knowledge in a timely matter without leaving any mess... Thank you Mike and Jonathan for making my water great!
I always say, "If you think or feel something and don't share it, it becomes a wasted thought or feeling."So here's what I feel about Pure Touch and it's employees:What an outstanding job done installing my home water filter. Most importantly (for me) what an outstanding job done by the company training their employees. Their manners, neatness, respect and professionalism go far and beyond. Wao! This will always set you apart from ANYONE ELSE in my book. Good bless the entire team!
Bill FineBill Fine
18:39 22 Nov 20
Contacted Pure Touch to change my under the sink water filters and check my outside water softner. They set up an appointment in a timely manner. Arrived on time and technician was knowledgeable and professional. He explained things as he went. Did a complete check of the whole system and changed on two filter. He could have changed out all four, adding $120 to my bill but said it was not necessary. Price for filters, service and cleaning was very reasonable. These will be my go to people in the future.
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