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We purchased or water filter system in October. The system is working great; no hard water or smell. Most of the soaps we received are working fine, however; the dish soap doesn’t work well. I had to use 1/2 the amount of water, also I use a little more laundry detergent as well. Overall we are very pleased.
Jane Thomas – 1-6-19

This water filter is awesome. Starting from Carlos, (sales Rep) he is super professional, he knows his product very well and presentation was phenomenal. Installation was done almost perfect, they did an excellent and clean job. We are so happy at home, we have a two story house and it is super convenience open any faucet of the house to drink water instead go down to the kitchen. Best investment EVER!!! Our skin and hair looks way better. Thank you Pure Touch!!!!
Joysee Mar – 1-2-19

We are very happy with the new SLR filter we got. Now we can stop getting bottled water at the grocery store and just drink right from the tap! Taking a shower now it’s a pleasure and you really feel like it cleans you. We also appreciate the fast and professional installation by the Pure Touch team.
We are looking forward to enjoy all this new water brought by deciding taking a chance on this awesome filters.
Lucas Ochoa – 12-31-18

Getting the perfect water filter system is important to us. We live in a community where we must provide on own filtration system. Making sure we got the best quality for our money was a must. When we first spoke with Nima (the sales rep) we had many questions regarding our filtration system. Nima was so knowledgeable, and was happy to answer of our questions. He made us feel comfortable that we were getting the best filtration system at a reasonable price. We went ahead and set up for the install. When Jonathan (the installer) arrived he was very professional. He was punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely clean. We were very happy with the services provided by “Pure Touch Water Filters” and will definitely recommend to others. It’s hard to find a good water filtration system, but “Pure Touch Water Filters” filter system left our skin feeling great, and taste amazing. It’s even awesome for washing dishes as you don’t get those harsh stains that some water filters leave. Thank you Pure Touch as you made our lives much easier.
Hector Class – 12-28-18

Great Customer service and value. Happy to make the decision of installing the filter.
Sonia -12-10-18

We purchased Pure Touch Water Filter about three weeks ago. I always knew that I wanted a water filter in my home for better quality drinking water. With Pure Touch Water Filter we experienced good quality drinking water and so much more. Our skin and hair feel so much more softer. We don’t need to use harsh chemicals often to get our home clean. We have a shower door in one of our bathrooms and the number one pet peeve was water marks on the shower door, with the Pure Touch Water Filter those water marks have minimize and we almost get none! I can say that we are 100% satisfied with Pure Touch Water Filter. Well worth the money! On top of purchasing the water filter we also bought Air Waives Air purification system. Our home smells a neutral smell. Kids can make popcorn and the popcorn smell doesn’t linger around, sometimes we don’t even know they make it. Absolutely love that! I will highly recommend Pure Touch Water Filter, they have great products and decent prices and very much professional personal.
Jose Banuelos – 12-9-18

Excellent service! We got the water filter and the a/c unit filter too. The water filter has done wonders in our house! I can cook with the water and drink it, tastes great. The service was excellent and the technicians as well. HIghly recommend!
Sharon Diaz – 11-19-18

Pure Touch water filter Kissimme FL.
My family and I have been using Pure Touch water filter for the past two weeks and honestly we do not Regret purchasing this equipment. I thought that the water bottles was the greatest thing there was in the sense of city water that comes out of the water faucet. With the system in place my whole house is protected because every drop of water it’s purify and all the drinking water looks clear and it tastes great and don’t forget when taking a shower the water is soft that if you have problems with your skin this water will help.
Joe USARMY – 10-31-18

Great investment. Water tastes better, clothes are cleaner and softer. Everyone we have worked with has been very professional and friendly. I would recommend Pure Touch to anyone that asked.
Ritch Dunks – 10-28-18

Install went smoothly and techs knew what to do. Answered questions and were courteous. Water quality is better and so far very satisfied.
Larry Skinner – 10-26-18

Great company, professionals, the water system is a good product really happy.
Julio C Salas – 10-16-18

My wife and I recently moved to Florida and knew we would need to replace the aging water softener system that was attached to the house. After much research we felt we may need more than a water softener due to the complexities of the available water in Florida. Pure Touch had terrific reviews and ratings from the BBB so we gave them a call. Nimo set up the appointment and visited us within a few days and explained in detail all options available to us from Pure Systems.
We had many questions and he was able to answer them all. Once we determined what our needs would be he suggested a system that fit our needs and budget.
The system is in and we are getting soft drinkable water. I will also add that the team at Pure Touch was very professional, from our contact with the sales team to the installer they explained every aspect of the job and when the installer left made sure to walk me through the entire operating system.
I am glad that I chose Pure Touch.
Burt Thomas – 10-14-18

We got the system like a month ago and me and my family are very happy. We had a really good experience since the beginning and the tech that came to do the installation was very professional. We have seen already a lot of benefits since we got the system, our bathroom door looks clean all the time, our hair and skin has improved doesn’t feel so dry anymore. Highly recommende the Pure Touch Water Filters to averyone.
Williams Fidalgo – 10-13-18

Recently, we moved to Florida, and into a new home. I was unpleasantly surprised at the taste, smell, and condition of my skin after moving in. We had never water this bad in a home before. We got in touch with Chris, and he came out to show us the Pure Touch system. After seeing the benefits, using Google as we spoke to get confirming information (and everything was just as we were told!), we decided to jump in with both feet and get our water treated by Pure Touch.

We could not have made a better decision for us! After a few days, I noticed the following things: my skin is not so dry, my clothes come out of the washer feeling softer, our water doesn’t stink, it tastes amazing, and that funky orange ring that kept settling in the toilet a couple of days after cleaning doesn’t come back!

In addition to all of this, the men who came to install were courteous, knowledgeable, and careful doing the installation. We could not have been happier!

If you want better water for your family, and you are looking for fantastic systems, professional people, and excellent service, I would highly recommend Pure Touch as the company for you!
Douglas & Sheridan Wittig – 10-12-18

Amazing system!!!!!!!!
At first my husband and I were very skeptical, we just purchased our first home and so many people have been knocking on our door trying to sell us something. We set an appointment with Nima, however we weren’t home when he came. My husband was persistent that he didn’t want to deal with more sells people. So I set up the a second appointment with Nima.
When he came he was very professional and his demonstration was on point. When he showed me the amount of toxins in my water I was sold right there. I suffered from Eczema very badly, breaking out all over my body, we had the system for 3 weeks and my skin Cleared up. My doctor asked what am I doing differently and I told him about the new water system that I have. This is one of the best investments that we have made. I would definitely recommend Pure Touch to my friends and family. My husband was very happy with the quality of the water. Trust me you won’t regret this purchase!!!!!
Jennifer Medica – 10-12-18

I’ve had my new filter system for approximately 3 weeks and absolutely love it. Installation was done very professionally and technicians took great care to insure I was schooled on how to operate the system. It’s low maintenance and my water has never tasted so good. My friends and family bring jugs to fill for their own drinking water. I no longer buy bottled water nor do I have to buy filters for my refrigerator. I am very happy with my decision to purchase this unit.
Dana L Wilkin – 9-9-18

Our well water system was archaic to say it mildly. there was not much filtration taking place. We decided to pursue a new system. After checking a few different places, I stopped in at the Pure Touch Kissimmee office and left my contact information. Within a few hours, Nima Zanjani contacted us and set up an appointment to test our water. the next day. Nima was very informative. We chose a Pure Touch system. It was installed the next working day. Our water has never been better.

Thank You Nima, Pure Touch installation techs, and Pure Touch.
Dave & Miriam – 9-8-18

We moved to Florida and one of the first things we noticed was the water quality here was not nearly as good as we were used to. After looking into different options to make the water taste better we came across Pure Touch. I must say that after listening to all of the things that the purified water would do I was impressed. Now that the system has been installed for a few weeks we could not be happier with the system. The water tastes great and we have noticed less of those hard water stains we were seeing. We really enjoy having the system and highly recommend it.
Matt Pozorski – 8-23-18

Great investment! Love the service and the quality of my water, phenomenal! The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable! I am recommending Pure Touch to all my family and friends!!
Rafael Tavarez – 8/8/18

Quick and clean work. Water taste as the one sold on destiled water galon at stores.
Pedro Rosario Ruiz – 7-27-18

When we were researching water softeners we kept coming back to Pure Touch. Our in home analysis was informative and eye opening. Nima said that our lint in dryer would all but disappear and we were skeptical of that. Within 2 days of having our system installed we can happily say he was so right! Our clothes are cleaner, the ease of keeping glass shower walls cleaned is remarkable, even our pets are happier with the taste of our water. Every “claim” they made was true! Everyone has been efficient and professional from analysis to installation. We could not be happier with our system and never want to be without it! Thank you Pure Touch for making our lives so much nicer!
Jessica Burton – 7-17-18

I called Pure Touch after reading all of the excellent reviews and set up a same day appointment. They came out within 2 hours and did an amazing job!! They took the time to educate and demonstrate their product. There were no pressure tactics used or gimmicks— the system is REALLY that incredible. Now that I’ve had the top of the line, whole system installed — I am spoiled by the high quality taste and feel of my new filtered water. I can feel and see the difference in my hair and skin. My laundry looks and feels fresher and cleaner. What a difference. As a business owner myself, the #1 selling point for me was the sincerity and professionalism this company stands by. From the moment I spoke with Nima, to watching and listening to Chris demonstrate with pride his company’s product, and seeing Mikes strong work ethic and careful instruction on how to care for my new purchase— I had no doubt I made the right choice. This is a well reputable family run business and that means a lot to me. They did a fantastic job!! And I LOVE my new water. No more buying water at the stores and lugging it home. I can drink out of any faucet in my home and even my hose.
Kathleen – 7-15-18

We recently moved to the Lakeland area and immediately noticed a difference in the tap water compared to what we were used to in South Florida. My husband has a background in water cleaning and started researching our options. After reading a ton of information and reviews online we contacted Pure Touch. It quickly became obvious that not only do we need a water purification system installed, we needed a Pure Touch system. We went with the 7-layer one in order to get the best, purest water possible for our family. It has only been a few weeks but the difference this has made for us is enormous. Our 5 year old little girl loves drinking water now. She used to be the type that is never thirsty, but now she says “Give me some of that sweet water”, referring to the tap water. I don’t know that I have drunk water this good before- it tastes great and it does feel like it naturally has some gentle sweetness to it.
We are also loving how it feels on our skin- it is so gentle and soft, it is hard to describe. With the hardness removed from the water, my typically dry skin feels much better – gone is the feeling of tightness to the point of itchiness I used to experience if I don’t apply moisturizer right away after a shower. Our little one has mild eczema that results in dry patches around her knees and elbows and her skin has mostly cleared up now, which is a blessing in itself.
Also, I want to express my gratitude for the option to get alkaline water running off a separate tap. I have been reading up on the health benefits of alkaline water prior to this but it seemed like something out of reach for us as it is hard to find alkaline water in stores and when you do find it, it costs upwards of $3/ bottle. Now I just need to turn the faucet. I love that! Now when friends and family come over, I have them fill up their bottles with our tap water because it is that good! Thank you Pure Touch for what you do!
Maya and Kevin Williams – 7-9-18

I’ve had several water purifying companies attempting to schedule appointments with me to check out their systems. We had Chris come to our home one day, very friendly and professional, and we told him we would schedule an appointment in a few weeks. He was understanding, left his number and told us to call when we were able to. When Chris arrived to show me the systems, and explain everything, he was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions, and I was extremely impressed with the purity in the water with the system he used. I made the purchased and have been very satisfied since. The installation was done quickly and efficiently, the installer explaining the maintance to me, and cleaning up the area he worked in and left it better than when he arrived. I feel safer and cleaner now that my water has been filtered through their Seven layer refiner. I would highly recommend Pure Touch to any family that is looking for a water purifying system.
Victoria Torres – 7-8-18

I am pleased with the quick and professional service. My daughter lives in the home at 166 Lazy Willow Drive , she is very pleased with the product.
Nancy Messina- 7-8-18

Well I have my water filtration system installed and what a difference it been the water taste better, there is no more water spots in the showers, skin feels great don’t have to use lotion, the people at pure touch are great any question I had they answer. All the paperwork explained. If anyone asks about water filtration system I always recommend Pure Touch Water Filter. Very happy.
Edwin Rivera-Escalante – 7-8-18

I submitted my review on BBB website. I would highly recommend Pure touch to all my friends and family. I had system installed a month ago and am completely satisfied.
Kenneth Karph – 7-8-18

Update since we purchased our Pure Touch Water Softer along with 2.5 gallon water filter. It’s been great, I never go out of my way to write reviews 7 months later, but your system for is incredible! I had a Lowes water softener which I had to add salt almost every three weeks. Now with Pure Touch Softener it’s been 7 months and it’s barely half! The water is soft as ever and our 2.5 water filter system is awesome! No taste, no funny after taste as well….just as pure as bottle water! Your company is by far the best the staff and product. I would buy this system again!! Any can email me for further information that is how much this product is great!
Jorge Sanchez – 7-6-18

It has only been 2 months that we have used PURE TOUCH water filters and it has been amazing. The water has made a big difference on our skin, food and cleaning around the house. No regrets here.
Hernan & Lourdes Espinal – 6-21-18

I was skeptical about the system at first, but after reading other reviews, I felt that this was the best system on the market. So far, I have had the system in for about 2 weeks, and I can see, feel and taste the difference. So far, I am very satisfied with the product and the employees, very professional.
Scott Low – 6-21-18

This is a fantastic company you can trust! I highly recommend their services. From the Marketing Manager Nima, Assistant Manager Chris, service technician Mike, etc…all were extremely professional and showed a level of service comparable to none! We purchased the finest water conditioning system they offer, and have no regrets. So glad my daughter did her due-diligence research when looking for the right company…as Pure Touch lives up to their excellent reviews. Online testimonies brought them to our doorstep… and we’re proud to add a note of commendation to it.
Terry Quinn – 6-21-18

We just purchased our first home, and our initial thought was- we need to measure the windows for blinds. It was not until a friend asked whether or not the water was treated that we realized this was an important aspect to look into. We were able to make an appointment with Nima, the marketing manager from Pure Touch, and he came to our home and really took the time to explain it to us. It was not a pushy sales pitch. In fact, I should add that I don’t write reviews online unless I truly feel a product or service deserves it. Nima was genuinely passionate about the products they sell. He tested the water, explained the process and went through the benefits clearly. We felt comfortable asking questions and trying to figure out if this was something we wanted to do at this time or if we should wait a year or so as we just purchased a home. Our conclusion was that with all the money we had invested into our new home, this would ensure that the system & appliances would last longer- making it worth it to do it from the start, rather then next year. Plus, no more hassle of carrying bottles of water from the supermarket or trying to clean the white stains from the shower glass. We decided just to go for it- best decision ever! They installed the system the very next day. Sam was the finance gentleman- professional and knowledgeable and Mike was the gentleman who installed our system (might I add, I was quite surprised that the system looked as clean and minimalistic as it did). Mike was awesome. He was enthusiastic, gave us lots of time and very polite. Nima, Sam and Mike were all very passionate about their product. It has now been over a week, and we are so so happy that we decided to go for it! Their product is one to rave about- it does everything they say it does. Most importantly, its a great feeling to know you are doing everything you can as a parent to provide your kids with the cleanest and safest water!
Eveline – 6-20-18

Best Investment Ever!!!It has been difficult for us to find a reliable water cleansing company that is truthful to what they advertised. After a painstaking research that included reading hundreds of reviews from different water softening companies, we finally found Pure Touch Water Filters Inc.
We first heard of this company from our workplace wherein our co-workers provide review and opinion on various products and services. With Pure Touch topping the list, we decided to inquire further when they had a booth at the Orange County Convention Center Home and Garden Show. We were very pleased with the information we got and together with the positive reviews from our workplace, decided to have the system installed in our house. The installation was very efficient and informative.
We have the system for a little over two weeks now and all we can say is that the system WORKS as advertised. Gone are the water spots, water tastes superb and most of all, a noticeable difference in our hair and skin.
This is the best investment we have since our house and would highly recommend this product to anybody!!!Thank you Pure Touch!!
Mark & Anne Damon – 4-16-18

Professional and friendly staff, Chris was amazing since day one. As for the product I have never enjoyed tasteless,
odorless quality water since I move to Kissimmee about 2 years ago from Mayagüez, PR.
My husband says I close my eyes while I enjoyed my glass of water thanks to Pure Touch water filters.
Seilly Pacheco – 4-16-18

After two Lowe’s water softener system, I was ready to take a chance. So, me and wife took a day and visit the home and garden show at the Orange County Convention center, there we met with Nima….and he gave us a great intro to our new water softener. At 1st we spoke with Nima and we stated to him all we need was water softer system. He also introduced the osmic water cleansing system for the whole house that was available as well. We didn’t need to drink out of every faucet, so we asked him about the osmotic water filter for under the sink and ice maker. Sure enough that was available, the great thing about this system is you are able to add on. So like us we have the water softener and the osmotic filter, if we wanted to we can add t filter which cleans the water for the entire house it is available.
I’ll tell you as of today we had the system for almost one month and we are ecstatic! I cannot believe the excellency of this system. The Lowes water softener system we had soft water on and off…more times off than on. Along with the Lowes system I was burning 4 bags of salt a week, I was spending 4 bags of salt every three weeks at 40 dollars. With Pure Touch after one month the salt barley moved. When we got “Pure Touch” it was night and day, I’m a person that is hard to convince but this was by far the best investment. I know for a fact I will not have any issues in the future with their yearly maintenance which I pay 100 bucks for full service.
Please forgive me for not mention Luis…. the tech whom installed our system. He was one of a kind, this guy was so meticulous in every detail he is the best. He situated my tank for the osmic water system where I wanted, which was in a spot every difficult to put in but made it work. He took is time and was very clean and precise. I’m so glad I’ve invested in “Pure Touch”. Call them you will not be disappointed.
Jorge Sanchez – 3-6-18

As always an excellent experience. I had roofers accidentally drop something from above onto my system and broke a pipe. After contacting Pure Touch and explaining my situation they responded quickly, with no real down time. I would like to thank Mike Gilcrest for his professionalism and character. Pure Touch has found a Gem. Thank you, Pure Touch for your great service.
Denise Rivera – 2-22-18

Its been one month since that I start using pure touch water system and it has been great. You can see the big difference in your skin. This is one of the best home investments that i has made. The Pure Touch family are the best.
Gilberto Colon – 2-13-18

We are enjoying our Pure Touch Water System. Our sales rep Nima was very professional and knowledgeable. So far the system has proven to be a smart decision. Luis the installer did a great job with the install.
Edwin Sanchez – 2-12-18

A representative came to my door a week after I purchased my house. The timing couldn’t have been better. The water at the house was nasty and hard. . After the demonstration I purchased the equipment for the entire house. The best investment ever! Each employee we encountered was very professional and friendly. They answer all of our questions. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Pure Touch!!
Jose Rivera – 1-26-18

Amazing system. I’m saving a lot of money in detergents. Good for the skin and my family’s health. Fast and reliable service
Jose Torres – 1-15-18

We are in love with our filter. It exceeded our expectations. Nima gave us excellent service and the set up was super easy!
Ana M Castro – 12-13-17

We moved to Florida from Pennsylvania and could tell that there was a difference in the water quality. After you team came out and really showed us the difference we were very excited to have our system installed. So far we have been able to tell the difference in the water quality and are enjoying the difference. I would highly recommend having the system installed.
George Lancos – 12-12-17

I have always found both the service and the quality of work performed by this company to be very satisfactory and would be pleased to recommend it to anyone in need of such services.
Jim Kohlmann – 11-28-17

We could not be happier with our filtration system! We were shocked to see how bad the water was before. Especially with a baby at home, that was very concerning. Now we drink the water with confidence. It tastes great and is easy to clean with. Every one was very professional from the seller to the installer. We are so proud of this purchase and highly recommend Pure Touch. Thank you!!
Jocelyn and Angello Georgaros – 11-20-17

Pure Touch has been an amazing addition to our new home. We enjoy drinking from any faucet in our home, using less cleaning products, and more importantly knowing that our plumbing will last longer. Pure Touch did an amazing install and kept our garage very neat and clean. Thank you!
Andrea DeSilva – 11-20-17

Got our system installed a few months ago and have loved it. Makes cleaning a breeze and taking a shower feels so much better than it used to.
Patrick – 11-15-17

Moving into a new house and having lots of people try to sell me things, I admit I was super skeptical about the benefits of having a water filter installed. I’m so happy I took a leap of faith and got one. It’s been a couple of months and the water tastes so much better, my skin is smooth and even the mundane task of washing dishes is easier!
I also chose to get the air filter installed and it has changed my life. I’m very allergic to dogs but have two living in my home. I used to suffer at nighttime but I rarely have trouble breathing anymore. If you are not sure if it’s worth it, talk to someone that has the water and air filters and they’ll tell you it is the best thing they invested in!
Kayla Cortes – 11-15-17

Its been a few months now since we have had our filtration system installed. We are very happy with the investment. We notice a big difference in our overall water quality. Thank you for everything
Jessi Redmond – 11-14-17

First off let me start by saying what a great product this is, you can immediately tell the different in your water from the way it feels to the way it even smells. Unbelievable customer service, they treat you like family. I would highly recommend this product to anybody.
Jonathan Rodriguez – 11-13-17

Nima and Carlos are highly knowledgeable professionals who know their stuff. The service is untouchable and the product is for us the best in the market. My wife itched a lot after showering when we had the Rainsoft and Culligan systems. Her itching stopped since we’ve had Pure Touch installed. The Pure Touch 7 layer system allows us to drink straight from the tap with confidence in Tampa Florida, something unheard-of. We do not buy bottled water anymore. We highly recommend this company and products.
Uche & Melissa Ebokah – 11-13-17

A few weeks ago we decided to purchase a water filtration system and it has been the best home investment that we did. Nima was such an amazing person and his presentation was so great that it did not take that long for me to decide that we would move forward with the purchase. Ever since we purchased our system we have noticed such a great difference with our skin and hair. Especially my youngest daughter that has been suffering with acne and has used so many skin care products. Once we received our first shipment of soaps and detergents she decided that she will use the oatmeal soap to wash her face and she has never been so happy. Her face has cleared so much that she is so excited about the product and her hair has gotten more silkier and is not so dry and brittle like it used to be. We are more than happy and pleased and we will recommend it to all our friends and family.
Rafael Diaz – 11-13-17

As soon as our family moved in to our new house we had to start buying bottled water because of the taste of the water in our area. We had a water filtration system in our old house and missed it desperately and were anxious to remedy the situation. We reviewed several different companies while at the Orlando home show this year and decided on Pure Touch because they offer a system that is made to treat the water specific to our area. Installation was quick and easy. Everyone was professional. Our water is far better tasting than even bottled water. I feel so much cleaner after my shower and my laundry and my entire house looks, feels and smells cleaner. I am happy we chose Pure Touch and would recommend them to anyone!
Martha & Sean McKay – 11-12-17

Water taste great!!! Saving a lot of $$$ in bottled water. Food has better taste, the cleaning no more residues in shower curtains tub and walls. Skin feels soft after bathing. No more dry skin!!! Carlos, Tristen and Jose were very friendly and very professional!!! Highly recommend this long term investment!!!
Brenda Ortiz – 11-12-17

Enjoying our Pure Touch Water System. Nima (our sales rep) was very patient with our questions, professional and knowledgeable. We are happy with our decision to go with Pure Touch.
Teresa – 11-11-17

Nima came to our house and gave us an in depth presentation of the various levels of filtration offered by Pure Touch. Since getting the system, I have noticed a significant improvement of my dry skin. The water tastes great, in fact, it now has no taste or smell! There is no residue on the glass in the shower and our laundry seems much cleaner. The installer did a great job. We would highly recommend this system.
Jan Stansbury – 11-11-17

Pure touch water filters is worth the investment. The water is drinkable as was promised compare to what we used to have. The staff were all professionals from the sales representative to the installer. We can’t possibly ask for more.
Idia & Adedayo –  11-11-17

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