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It’s been over 2 months since the purchase of the water filtration system and it’s one of our best home investments! Nema was great and very professional but most of all honest and knowledgeable. The installers were great and cleaned up their mess. The water is very enjoyable now and cleaning with it is great!
Beatrix – 5-31-17

We bought the seven layer system and so far we are very happy with the results. Carlos (the seller) did a great job presenting the product and we were very surprised with how bad the hard water is. Since we have the system we started noticing an improvement in our skin and the whole house is definitely better and cleaner. We highly recommend the system and the Pure Touch team.
Joel & Brenda Rivera – 5-15-17

It’s been just over a month since we had the system installed. What a difference we have seen in the drinking water and the ease of cleaning the shower. Everyone was very professional from sales to installers to finance. Glad we decided to make the purchase it makes everyday life better!
Bill Tulibaski – 5-15-17

We were very pleased with the information that Nima provided and we received our equipment almost immediately. We have found the water quality to be far better than our friends who have similar systems and the alkaline water to be hassle free in comparison to our friends system. Our greatest hope after speaking to Nima was to see an improvement in our child’s eczema and we had suggested that we would give it an ample amount of time to work before we posted our review. While it wasn’t the cure that we had hoped for, we did see improvement. I can’t believe there is a better water system available on the market today, thanks pure touch!!!
Mae Rigor – 5-13-17

After seeing poorly installed systems around our community, we were hesitant about having our own water filtration system installed. We decided to see what Pure Touch Water Filters could do for us. We are glad we did. Nima visited our home and we had a very open and honest conversation about what our county water consisted of, how the system would be installed, and the benefits of having purified and softened water in our home. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to install a Pure Touch Water Filtration system in our home. Everyone we interacted with at Pure Touch was very professional and listened to our needs. The installation was clean and flawless. Even the owner came out to help with the installation of our system. We recommend Pure Touch to anyone who is looking for a home water purification system.
Chris & Jayde Redcay – 5-11-17

I wanted to wait to post a review until I had a chance to enjoy the filtration system. What a difference it has made! I’m no longer afraid of drinking my water and not guessing what my daughter is drinking! Nima was very honest in his approach to us and listened to our family’s needs and showed us what would be the best fit. After comparing our filtration system with family and friends who have systems we realized ours is cut above the rest in terms of quality. Overall, the experience we have had so far with Pure Touch products and employees has been more than satisfactory!
Darby and Matt McElyea – 5-10-17

Excellent service and company.
Beth-Ann – 5-02-17

Amazing customer service from everyone! Every question was answered and we didn’t feel like they had somewhere else to be. On install day, the guys did a top notch job installing everything and instructed us on how to properly use/check all of the equipment. By day 2 all of the old gross water was gone and healthy, clean water was in its place. Along with healthier air to breathe. We couldn’t have made a better choice, we love being part of the he Pure Touch family!
Jennifer and Brian Gens – 4-26-17

We just recently had a Pure Touch Water filtration system installed into our new home. Right away we could feel how much lighter (with the same amount of pressure) our water is. We feel more confident drinking from the tap and that our water is clean and safe. Customer service, since our first meeting, has been wonderful. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this system and company.
Richard and Christa Friberg – 4-13-17

Great customer service! Spent time to show us the benefits and everything that was included, even demonstrating the product at our house. Did not feel pressured or overwhelmed by any sales tactics. After researching, prices were also very reasonable, the best in our area. Would definitely recommend the company and products to friends and family!
Gina DeAbi – 03-29-17

We had some of the worst tasting and smelling water I have ever encountered in the states. The filtration system that Pure Touch Water put in has made a tremendous difference! The water tastes great and the smell is gone. No more water stains and soap goes a lot further.
Ronal Hahne – 03-11-17

We don’t regret one bit of getting the water filtration system. IT IS GREAT!!! LOVE IT!!! It is cost effective with both short and long term usage. I recommend it, especially when there are children in the home. NO REGRETS!!! Concerning customer service at all levels from demonstrations to installation and customer service via telephone- OUTSTANDING. Thank you.
Elizabeth and Nylson Turcios – 2-9-17

We love the system no taste and our shower doors stay clean all the time are clothes are cleaner and we use less than half of all soaps in the household. I’m so glad we did this it is so much easier to enjoy life. Thank you!
John Jackson – 2-8-17

We got the water treatment and alkaline system after seeing what the governments acceptable levels of all the extra sediments were that was shown to me. Also removing nearly all of the Fluoride from the water turned out to be a plus. So far great customer service and install. Enjoying the cleaner water.
Rajiv Patel – 2-7-17

Well , those guys doing and did a great job , really good costumer services and really professional on the work!!! highly recommended…
George Luis Rodriguez Matos – 1-18-17

We have been dealing with Pure Touch since since it’s inception. The staff are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and absolutely top shelf.
K. Coughlan-Wallace – 1-11-17

We moved into a brand new house a few months ago. Nima came and did a demonstration for us and we could not believe the “dirtiness” of the water we were using. We had our system installed right before Christmas and are amazed with how fast we noticed a change in our water. The taste is better, our clothes feel and smell cleaner. We are saving a ton of money on soaps and cleaners too because we decreased to 1/4 of the soaps, shampoos and cleaners that we had been using without the system.
It is totally worth the investment!
Thank you Nima!
Shaun and Stephanie – 1-6-17

Excellent Service highly recommended A+++++
Carmen Cruz – 1-3-17

I’ve been having service with Pure Touch Water Filter for two years. I’m very please with the service and quality of work that they have giving be. I can say this company is very professional where they take time to explain what the problem was and what they did to fix it. I highly recommended Pure Touch Inc. to anyone. This is a great system and is a great investment.
Mr. Cortes – 1-2-17

My experience with Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. has been excellent from start to finish! The expertise and knowledge they shared with me was invaluable not to mention resolving my well water issues!! I had purchased a home with a well which has a severe sulfer problem and needed maintenance and care from a professional. Pure Touch came recommended through a friend who said their excellence mirrored how meticulously the owners ran their business and they weren’t kidding. I highly recommend Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. For all your water filtration needs. Excellent service, puts their customers first, and professional all the way!!
Minetta Garay Gay – 12-27-16

We have been dealing with Pure Touch since  it’s inception. The staff are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and absolutely top shelf.<
Mr. Wallace – 12-21-16

Chris came to our neighborhood and was going house to house. We set an appointment with him at a time that worked for us. He came and did the demonstration. Answered all our question and we decided to get the SLR system. Luis came to install the filters and did a great job. He’s very professional and will explain everything he did to you. After 2 weeks we are very pleased with the system. The water smell is gone, the calcium build up around the faucets is basically down to nothing. I also washed my car using the system and you could basically let it air dry and wont see water spots. It’s a good investment and I would recommend Pure Touch to anyone.
Omar and Sharol – 12-21-16

This system is amazing! Everything comes out softer in the wash. My hair feels softer after showering, and no smell at all! Our salesman Nima was great. He talks to you like a friend and explains everything till you understand it. Highly recommend it. In fact I already told my neighbors. And in a new development like mine that’s a lot.Neil Harris – 12-20-16

I can see the difference it has made in my household! No hard water stains or residue on shower or tubs.
I don’t feel like bed bugs are crawling anymore. The service was amazing! This was a great investment for my health! The alkaline water is definitely a plus!
Mickie Starlard – 12-19-16

I have used this company for my filter for 12 years and never had a problem. I love the quality of the filter and the price is reasonable. The service at Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. is always great and the staff are friendly.
D. Reyes – 12-16-16

I recently moved to Kissimmee from South Florida about two months ago and immediately noticed the difference in the water. We had the Pure Touch Water Filtration System plus the water softener installed in our home as well as the additional water tap with a reverse osmosis system to remove the Fluoride from our drinking water.

I have used this company for my filter for 12 years and never had a problem. I love the quality of the filter and the price is reasonable. The service at Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. is always great and the staff are friendly.
>D. Reyes –  12-16-16

Pure Touch has been serving my water Filtration system since I moved to St Cloud, FL over 8 years now, I strongly recommend their service, very reliable and most professional besides Luis is a super nice Guy.
Al Marrero – 12-14-16

Dealing with smelly and hard water is not a very pleasant experience. We were fortunate enough to be approached by Nima Zanjani, who educated us on what was causing these issues and how we could correct them. Although he showed us many different tiers of filtration systems, we decided to go with the SLR system and couldn’t be happier! The water smells clean, there’s no “flavor” to the water anymore, our hair is softer, our skin is getting less and less dry every week. For people on the fence about getting this package: do it; it is totally worth the investment!
Thank you Pure Touch, for increasing our quality of life!
Steven Carlson – 12-12-16

A good and trustworthy company with great staff. Awesome prices. Highly recommended.

A good and trustworthy company with great staff. Awesome prices. Highly recommended.

Luis and his team have performed fantastic services on our behalf. We have purchased both an external and internal water system products and have been more than satisfied and would highly recommend their products and services to all!

Steve and Maria – 11-14-16

Luis Castillo installed my water softener system and reverse our osmosis system in 2005. He has always provided us with rapid and excellent service. He is very professional and exceptionally reliable. Because of his excellent service and the quality of the product I recommended him to my son who also purchased a system and he is highly satisfy. I recommend Luis and his product line to anyone seeking to purchase a water softener system.


I have been using Luis for about 8+ years. I am happy with the Pure Touch products and services. They are very reliable and professional.
John A. – 10-04-16

Excellent service, fast appointment, knowledgeable and reliable personal.
They know and can fix everything about water systems.
I strongly recommend them.

Quick, great service at a great price. Highly recommended.

My family and I have used Pure Touch for many years. We are extremely satisfied with their customer service, quality of work and prices. I have recommended them to several family and friends and plan to continue to do so.

Pure touch did a great job in my house, they are on time, clean, fast and did an amazing job.

Been with Pure Touch for years and am very happy with their service. They always explain everything that they are doing and leave everything clean before leaving. Very happy.

Pure touch has been servicing our Reverse Osmosis System for years and has done a great job. The only thing is I wish was that I had them install the system when we bought our house.

I have been with Pure Touch Water Systems for 11 years, ever since I have been in my house. Pure Touch is always honest and thorough in their explanation of how my system is doing and takes care of only that which is needed.

Melinda R.  Windermere, FL – 07-27-2016

I purchased my water system about three months ago and I have to say that I am very happy with the investment I made. The company went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I had gotten quotes from different companies and did as much research as I could before making the final decision. Before leaving a review I wanted to really test the system out so that’s why I am writing this review now, as a customer that is 100% happy even months after my purchase . I strongly suggest you check these guys out first if you’re in the market for any kind of water filtration .

Maleni from Orlando, FL – 07-25-2016

Our experience with this company has been very good, we have been using Pure Touch Water Filters for a few years and have had no issues with their service. We have used them in two of the properties that we have owned in Florida, and have recommended them to our sons and friends. The service has been great and very professional.

Maria A.   Kissimmee, FL – 07-21-2016

I am so happy with Pure Touch Water Filters Inc. Hooked me right up!! I had the crappiest water and Pure Touch took care of it. AND Now …. my water is PERFECT! Great customer service and very reasonable prices. Thank You!!!!!

Ann F.   St. Cloud, FL – 07-11-2016

They have done great work for us and would highly recommend them. They are very professional and efficient in responding whenever we have questions or emergencies.

Fernando V. – Kissimmee, FL – 07-10-2016

I had a water system installed several years ago by this company and they did an excellent job. They have been providing great service ever since. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and reasonably priced. I would recommend them for any water service needs.

Mary R. – Orlando, FL – 07-02-2016

Pure Touch Water Filters have a great staff, they are extremely professional. They go above and beyond to provide great customer service. They always return your call in a timely manner. They don’t have a long wait for their appointments . Once they are done with their installation they always explain how their system work and make sure their customer understand how to operate it. They are quick to answer all questions.
I am extremely satisfied with their service and would recommend them to all my friends and family. Money well spent!!!!

Delaine S. – 06-28-2016

Ever since Luis came to my house during his first visit while installing my water softener outside and my reverse Osmosis system. He was quick and very friendly. I asked for his phone number in case I needed him in the future. The first time I called him was because I had a broken valve and he came over right away and he didn’t charge me anything. The second time was to replace my filters and service my reverse Osmosis. His prices was very reasonable and he is always on time and his customer service is awesome . I recommend him with flying colors. Thanks Luis .

Billy Rodriguez –  Davenport, FL. – 06-28-2015

This company cares for the health of its clients. They are punctual and professional in their work. I enjoy watching the testing of the water and see the results. Pure water to me is of essence to good health, nice hair and skin, and tasty cooking. Pure Touch ensures that my filter unit works properly so I can enjoy the mentioned benefits.

Genoveva  P. –  Kissimmee, FL – 06-27-2016

Our company has used Pure Touch for the last few years for our annual RO maintenance. They do a great job of keeping our equipment running smoothly. They are very professional and I would highly recommend their services.

Ces C. –  06-15-2016

These guys are excellent. Very Professional, friendly, willing to give the additional mile. YES!! We recommend them.

Manuel F. – Longwood –  06-12-2016

We are very please with the services provided by Pure Touch Water Filters. They have consistently provided us with great service, promptly responding to our calls and their products have been of great quality and are well maintained. We strongly recommend Pure Touch Water Filters for your water treatment or filtering needs.
– Francisco R.   Orlando, FL – 06-08-2016

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