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Pure Touch Water Filters is installing nothing less than the best alkaline reverse osmosis drinking water systems!

Drinking water filters are a must for you and your family! Due to high TDS counts and unpleasant tastes from chemicals and other contaminants in city or well water, homeowners often resort to buying bottled water. Traditionally, the other available option was a Reverse Osmosis unit. While traditional Reverse Osmosis units can remove all contaminants and reduce the TDS of water to as low as 10ppm (parts per million), this isn’t always ideal. Lowering the TDS with Reverse Osmosis affects the pH of the water, making it more acidic, which is not the best for your health.

At Pure Touch Water Filters, we’ve partnered with leading OEMs in the country to bring you a unique solution. Our 10-S.A.R.O. (10 Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis) not only functions as a Reverse Osmosis unit but also raises the pH of the water and provides antioxidant qualities. This advanced drinking water filtration system ensures that you get pure, healthy, and great-tasting water for your family.

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10 Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

Stage 1: Multi Stage Pre Filter

Triple Layered Traps particles of 5 microns or larger Surpasses Industry Standards

Stage 2: Coconut Carbon Block

100% organic coconut shell carbon Removes organic and inorganic chemicals, VOC’s, chlorine, taste, and odor Surpasses Industry Standards

Stage 3: Semipermeable Membrane Produces

50 GPD Removes all harmful elements such as viruses, bacteria, biological & chemical contaminants to 0.001 microns, only allowing pure water molecules for consumption

Stage 4: Carbon Block

Polishing Filter

Stages 5 – 10: Alkaline Filter

Alkaline Ceramic Balls, Calcium, ORP Balls, Tourmaline, Far infrared, Magnesium

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